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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Woolganic - Organic Wool

Introducing WOOLganic Knitter’s Yarn made from 100% certified organic Australian merino wool.
WOOLganic yarns are spun from certified organic Australian Merino fleece wool. No synthetic inputs are used on the livestock- no dips, drenches, back lining or antibiotics. appropriately.

Our yarns are processed in compliance with the Global Organic Trade Standard and spun in a mill certified to handle organic fibers. We use low-impact metal-free dyes.

WOOLganic yarns are made from 21.5 micron merino fleece wool making them soft enough to be worn directly against the skin with out scratching. Our yarns have a slightly increased twist to reduce pilling.

WOOLganic yarns are made from certified organic Australian merino wool which has been certified by the Biological Farmers Association (BFA) or the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA). Our wool is scoured in a plant that is certified by a third party know as: the Global Organic Trade Standard (GOTS). Our yarn is spun in a mill certified by Biogro

WOOLganic yarns are cleaned or scoured using only hot water and detergent. 100% of the water used in scouring is recovered and reused in agriculture. The wool is carded and combed on machinery that has been cleaned of conventionally grown fibers before the organic wool is processed.

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