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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Busy Busy Busy Busy!

It's just aswell the shop is quiet with all this hideous weather as i have a chance to work on all my orders!

Little Johnboy went off in the mail and got lost!!!.......only for a week fortunately and he did finally make an appearance, but in his absence i was frantically making another.

All is well now and this little fellow will go onto the shelves very shortly

Also working my fingers to the bone with an order from my good friends at The Friendship Tree.
They had a sellout of Sweetpeas before Christmas.
So...I'm in the middle of making the dolls for the pea pods and the bush pouches. These little dolls will go off to Kim and Donna for their little felt hats and felt pods and pouches.
I make these dolls exclusively for The Friendship Tree so you'll need to pop over to buy them from their shop in Northcote.
Then once these little chums are off on their way it's on to the next order for Penny at rudolfsteiner.com in Castlemaine. There will be some for the steiner school and some for the shop too......its worth a trip to the country to visit Penny. Like me she has some treasures in her shop....very beautiful wares!

Anyway back to work.....the sewing needle calls!

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