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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Steiner Kindergarten

Children's Garden of Eden
"We will care for young children in a beautiful, safe and organic environment. We will provide consistent daily, weekly & seasonal rhythms for the children to rely upon and develop within. Through this the children can run, play, rest & explore as positive educational foundations are laid for their future.

This exceptional care that meets the changing needs of the developing child is provided by our professional and dynamic team committed to “receiving the child in reverence, educating them with love, and letting them go forth in freedom” (Rudolf Steiner)."

Give them a call and find out more about this great new kinder. My kids have had a Steiner Education and we have been very happy!
I am so pleased there are new kinder initiatives like this....wouldn't it be great if we had an independent Steiner School this side of the river to complement the Steiner Stream at East Bentleigh Primary.......
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