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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back to Basic Challenge

This is my first post in this challenge...hopefully my efforts in the past 20 years have helped
Thankyou Belinda for raising the bar again!
Sowing seed or Planting -

  • all the olives
  • the last of the tomatoes
  • silverbeet for dinner
  • planted cabbage
  • turned the compost with chook poo from the chook house clean up
Planning for The Future -
  • researched new water tank
  • composed the ad for the sale of my car
Working for the Future -
  • Started curing the olives
  • Made Kasaundi
  • Started new sourdough culture
  • Swept instead of vacuumed
Building Community
joined this challenge

Learn a new Skill -
taught our Korean boarder how to knit with limited 'Korean'
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