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Thursday, May 14, 2009

rather lovely

I was so impressed with this lovely pattern by Sarah London i just had to start one.
I first saw this on the talented Thornberry's blog, doubted to myself that i was up to her standard of hooking but thought " go on ....don't be scared!" So after a bit of cussing, i had an epiphany and it all started to come together.
My man and i have been sleeping under a 'queen size' granny square bedspread, that my Mum made for her bed and then bequeathed to me. So i thought it was time i made something that i can then bequeath to my offspring.
It's going to take years... and i'm nowhere near the progress of Sarah or Thornberry but i'll keep hooking on!

I have two Single Bed Granny Square Spreads for sale in the shop at the moment, both edged with sunny yellow and orange, so if you would like a matching set without the hours of hooking please pop in for a look.
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