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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Book the holiday!...we're rich!

My littler sister was visiting me in the shop this morning, we often order a hot breaky from our wonderful cafe Espresso a couple of doors up. I received a phone call from my poor girl who has been sick with the flu this week (too much studying apparently!), to say she was feeling particularly unwell and needed to see a doctor asap. Fortunately my little sis was on hand to look after the shop.
So off we went.....nasty Tonsilitis and a lot of nasty tablets to take!!!!
I returned the the shop to find a sale of $40,001.65........most excellent i thought for a fleeting moment....book the holiday i'm off! It was only a fleeting moment, the sale should have been $40 and $1.65...oh well, never mind!
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