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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


did last week happen? you know how some weeks go...you wake up one morning and 6 days have past with some vague pre-dementia memory.....good memories though!
An order for the lovely Penny and RudolfSteiner.Com.au, the little blonde bombshell actually reminds me of her. So now onto the next orders...who needs a thimble when you have a permanent thimble callous on your middle finger
And then........one of the fluffy bums laid their first egg!
SOOOO exciting! I think it may have been Mavis ( the fluffy bum to the right) she has been singing a lot lately and fighting the others for all the sunflower seeds! I'm sure Pepper and Pearl will follow suit shortly with all the glorious 'nearly spring' weather.
There are lots of new goodies in the shop at the moment...will post about them tomorrow!
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