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Friday, August 20, 2010

it's been a 'boy's' week...

"the special relationship between a child and his/her doll is dynamic and often mysterious, as relationships are. It is about love and nurturing, friendship and ownership, the emergence of self, and the subtle expression of all that the child imbibes from the adults who surround them. It is a personal, private,  often intuitive, and as old as the first doll that ever found intself in the hands of as child"
- Maricristin Sealey,
Author of "Making Waldorf Dolls"

These little blokes left for their new homes yesterday for some adventures and lots of love from their new human friends...i just love it especially when i'm thanked like this......

"Dear Shelley,
Thank-you so much for the beautiful doll you have made for my son. I received him yesterday, and am so excited to give it to him on his birthday.
He is just so wonderful and capture's my little boy's essence so well. I just know he will love him and take great care of him.
Thank-you so much for sharing your spirit in these wonderful dolls you make. I couldn't have imagined anything more perfect.
Kind regards, Fiona"

Don' forget "Sunday Dollmaking"...you too could make a little doll like this for your child!
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