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Friday, August 13, 2010

making transparent Stars.....

Aren't they beautiful?
these one's shown are made by Ann Rinkenberger in Minnesota, she homeschool's her two daughters and really is quite the master at making these origami stars.
They are easy to make as far as folding goes but being precise is always helpful!!! (i need to slow down!) They are created by folding single pieces of transparent kite paper into single star point and then assembling them into many different kinds of stars.
The kids love making them too, we have made tehm into mobiles, magic wands, birthday and christmas decoration, actually making mini ones for the christmas tree is a family favourite!
There are some great books in the shop that teach you everything you need to know or you can pop over to Anne's Blog for some more inspiration!
Plus there is kite paper too, it is stronger than tissue paper and really great for making these stars and rossettes.
$25.95                                       $37.95
$35.00 x 100 sheets

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