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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

little hedgehog

Little Hedgehog, warm and snuggly in his dressing gown! $59.99. Hand knitted and filled with pure wool!

The pleasure of having these gorgeous critters in my shop is immeasurable.
The thought that someone has spent time to create something so lovely gives me a great sense of hope....hope that we do value the gifts we give our children. A toy like this, that is rich in care and love will be honoured by the child who eventually owns it, such a valuable lesson in early childhood...to learn to love and care for your toys, as this eventually leads to the love and care we have for our own loved ones and friends. The disposable, cheap toys that are purchased so easily and usually on a whim just don't provide our kids with this learning, and usually result in a lot of clutter....not a great play space! The importance of this kind of play is so important...it is the way we learn to be wonderful adults.
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