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Monday, August 22, 2011

baking with children

cake tin and roller $22.00

" Young children of course love to play. In Waldorf early childhood education, Children often are encouraged to play by participating in the traditional activities that might take place in a home: cooking and baking, cleaning and washing, sewing and ironing, gardening and building. Because these activities are done rhythmically, they create a feeling of well-being and a sense of security in the child. Because they are real, they help a child become grounded in the realities of life. Because they serve a purpose and are filled with meaning, they help the child enter more fully into life at a later age.  "
{-  http://www.appleblossomschool.org/aboutwaldorf.html}

  Monday is Baking Day

Baking tray, biscuit cutters and roller $29.00

Bless the food that I now take,
Bless my hands that I may make
Something good to cook or bake. 

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