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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meet the Woolly Jungle Bunch

This quartet has just arrived from the jungles of darkest Peru - can you offer one of them a new home?

Sherman the Sherbert Elephant is still just a baby. She loves blowing bubbles with her trunk, and camouflaging in amongst the jungle flowers. She says if you take her home, she will always make sure you wake up smiling, having dreamt happy dreams.

Ignatius J. Hippo is a rare breed: Grapeus Hippopotamus. An ideal hippo breed for the domestic environment, Ignatius promises never to over fill your bath tub or leave gum under the kitchen table. He likes reading, and is fond of fresh grapes and passionfruit.

Zolly Zebra is especially worried about finding a loving home. He is really glad to be here with us at Little Sparrow because the jungle is no place for a zebra! Zolly mistakenly wound up in the jungle after taking a wrong turn at Albuquerque and he insists he'll only go home with someone if they're sure they know the way back to their house.

Lastly, Miranda monkey is certain your home is just the place for her. She is a little cheeky and has been known to play a prank or two - especially on poor Zolly Zebra's frayed nerves - but cheekiness is in her blood - her uncle was the cheeky monkey for which the name was coined!

So pop in and meet the woolly jungle bunch in person and see if they don't just end up coming home with you.
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