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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

sewing love...

 I have a collection of old sewing machines! 
Yep!.... there you go i just said it out 'loud. They are the most beautiful old machines and they sew so well. They are solid and when you put your foot to the floor they don't skip across the table! (happy about that!)

 I would love to get my mits on this one!

In the sewing classes at Little Sparrow we will be using some of the old classics....Pinnock, St James, Singer, Wardana and of course the Lightwieght and even the Singer Featherweight. I was lucky enough to be bequeithed one from my Nana who passed away before i was born, Dorothy loved sewing and I think genetically I inherited some of the love too.

It's quite liberating being able to make things for your family, or even fix things! I went through a "hippy-like" phase of sewing all things rainbow for my little ones, much to the eldest's horror now!
So this little Featherweight has done some miles!

Actually this is where it all started, the Singer Featherweight!

I am ever on the hunt for some of these beauties
My collection is ever growing....i just collected a "Lightweight" from the 'back 'o' burke' lightweight by name for sure!
You can sew too even if you don't have a machine...you can come and use mine. They are all available for hire in our workroom on a Monday afternoon!....and there are "Sewing Machine Basics" lessons offered here at Little Sparrow too
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