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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

book book BOOOOK! review

Chicken Butt's Back!

Here at Little Sparrow we have many beautiful, charming, whimsical books... and then there's this book: "Chicken Butt's Back!" by Erica S Perl.

Unless you have a child with highly sophisticated humor you might not know the world's funniest joke: "Q: What's up? A: Chicken Butt"

Its funny, right? Well, maybe not to all of us - but its right at my level of humor, so i really enjoyed "Chicken Butt's Back!" and i may have giggled like a 5 year old the whole way through.

Having not read the original "Chicken Butt" book i can only imagine the torture that the mum in the story has been through. The fun illustrations by Henry Cole really capture that world-weary expression we see on so many faces around the supermarket.

The simple Dr-Seuss-esque rhyming verse is ideal for early readers and as much as we might hate the toilet humour - you can't deny the kiddos love it. And a funny book is a book that will be read and read and read again! So i give this silly, fun and ultimately heartwarming story book 10 butts out of 10.
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