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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Get messy and Get Creative With Our Art Supplies

School holidays are the perfect time to start a project, spread out, get creative, and get messy! We have just about everything you need to make a creative colorful mess: aprons, crayons, paint brushes, and pencil cases. Even Messy Essie herself delivered us a great range of colorful aprons, splat mats, pencil cases, and bibs designed to make all your packing up as easy as hosing down!

The oil cloth splat mats are ideal for painting (and play dough, and meal time and nappy free time and any messy time!) with eco paints. Eco paint is a powder based paint handmade with flour, organic fruit, seaweed and coloured with natural plant and vegetable extracts.

Snack time is easy when clean up is rinsing a lusciously colorful oilcloth bib! These bibs roll up nicely to fit in your bag for meals out too.

Don't forget we always have in the excellent quality Stockmar, and Lyra paints...

... and the amazing range of individual Lyra pencils. You can even pick up a colorful handmade pencil roll to keep them safe. We have lots of designs to choose from.

So don't spend another minute putting off some artistic expression time. Visit today and stock up on some fresh supplies for the new year!
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